MooTools 1.3 ßeta 1发布了:一起来看有哪些新变化

MooTools 1.3 我们已经等待了很久了,现在只发布了测试版,我们还是期待着最终版的发布,在MooTools 1.3 版本中,我们已经看到了 MooTools团队给MooTools带来的变化 ,相对于MooTools 1.2+版本自然改进和修正了大量的错误,并且100%兼容MooTools 1.2 的每一个公共的 documented API。让我们一起来看看有那些新变化吧。

官方博客文章MooTools 1.3 beta has been released.

MooTools 1.3 引进了Slick

MooTools 1.3 最显着的新功能是引进了 Slick ,

Slick is our new, shiny, super fast, exhaustively tested, pure-javascript selector engine.

这么超级强大的选择器引擎,是由Thomas Aylott, Fabio Costa, and Valerio Proietti 开发的。


  • Slick is a MooTools-family project by MooTools developers Thomas Aylott, Fabio Costa and yours truly. It can be forked from github, free of charge!
  • Slick is an incredibly advanced evolution of our previous selector engine.
  • Slick is written using only pure-javascript, none of the MooTools apis are required. It can be used in any project or framework, and it does not require MooTools to function (though the MooTools DOM components do require Slick).
  • Slick is speedy, blows away the 1.2 selector engine by 50%, at least. We will give you detailed data in the post dedicated to Slick.
  • Slick supports every selector you can think of. Seriously, every one of them. I promise you.
  • Slick is customizable, you can make your own pseudo-selectors, your own attribute-selectors, and many more your-own kinds of things.
  • Slick supports reversed combinators. You might not know what they are, but they are pretty darn cool.
  • Slick has a detached parser. You can parse a css-style-selector string and get back a property-filled object.
  • Slick perfectly supports XML documents.
  • Slick is slick!



MooTools 1.3 采用了由Christoph Pojer提出的,创建一个新元素更为快捷和方便的新方法,我们叫做“Slick Shorthand Element Creation”。

MooTools 1.2 和 以下的版本是这样创建的:

new Element('a', {
    'href': '',
    'class': 'myClass',
    'html': 'Click me!',
	'title':'My Title'    


new Element("a.myClass[href=][title=My Title][html=Click me!]");

总之, Slick 为MooTools 1.3 提供了更为强大和快速的 selector engine。即使,你不使用MooTools 作为你的项目开发,Slick 也能应用到你的 框架和项目中,因为Slick是一个独立项目,非常方便移植和应用。MooTools 1.3 提供的小功能太多了,我在这儿就不多说了。等待着你的应用。